About this Website Building Guide

Hi, I’m Craig. A web developer, designer and digital marketer type of guy. I have built 100’s of websites for local businesses, blogs and ecommerce sites for myself and clients over the last 15+ years.

This FREE step-by-step how to build a website guide is for small business owners who want to:

  • Learn how to build a website that ranks in Google search results.
  • Learn how to convert website traffic into paying customers.
  • Tips and strategies to grow your website traffic and increase conversions.

There are many ways to build a website. This is currently how I like to set things up for myself, my friends and my clients.

I am constantly learning and testing new things online and I recommend the same mentality of experimentation and testing for your website.

The internet is a HUGE ever changing dynamic medium, it is not static. The internet and consumers are always evolving and changing — your website should be evolving as well.

This basic beginners website setup guide tries to explain some of the WHY behind the design, layout, thought process, digital marketing and business strategy behind each step of setting up a website for your small business.

I’m NOT Selling You Anything

…but you will need to buy a domain and webhosting to make this all happen.

All the information you need to build your website is freely available on HowWebDesign.com without the need to login, enter your email address or buy a course. I just want to share some of the website building tips and internet marketing secrets I have learned (and continue learning) for free — no strings attached.

I think the internet is really neato, I like sharing knowledge…

… and I really like the feeling when people set up a blog or website and start getting clients and sales.

Setting Goals & Expectations for Your Website

If you are looking for get rich quick scheme… this is NOT for you.

Think long term.

Your website, when built well — can be an asset the drives customers, sales and leads to your business for years into the future. if you choose to invest in creating quality content a for your website.

If you choose continue to improve and invest in quality website content — this is digital asset for your business that has the ability to compound in traffic and therefore drive sales and customers… for years.

But… it doesn’t happen overnight, and it requires a substantial amount of work to build a successful website and brand.

This is not a guarantee of success.

Building a website will require learning and understanding many new skills.

Such as; WordPress, web design, copywriting, layout, typography, branding, SEO, technical, photography, graphic design, SEO & technical optimizations, sales and traffic growth strategies.

Don’t get frustrated by the overwhelming amount of new things and technical jargon.

Just get started now.

Everything on your website can be changed, iterated and improved as you learn more about the web, your customers needs and where to hire freelancers to help at different steps of build your website and investing, traffic and optimizations.

Let’s Get Started Building a Website

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Build a Business Website:

  1. Research, planning, things to consider.
  2. Choose a domain name.
  3. Add website hosting and install WordPress.
  4. Choosing a theme, design and layout.
  5. Add content to website and learn WordPress.
  6. Technical setup and optimizations.
  7. Launch site and start marketing.

[Table of Contents]

Step 1: Research, Planning, Things to Consider

Keyword Research 
Competitor Research 

Step 2: Choose a Domain Name

Choosing a Domain

Step 3: Add Website Hosting and Install WordPress

Web Hosting
Why wordpress
What is wordpress

Step 4: Choosing a Theme, Design and Layout

Web Design 101 – colors, typography, mobile, desktop, readability


Step 5: Add Content to Website and Learn WordPress

Setting it up
Site Structure
Feature + Benefits
Contact Info
Pages, Posts, Widgets, Plugins, Menu
Email List, Social Media
Google Services Setup

Step 6: Technical Setup and optimizations

SEO and Optimizations

Step 7: Launch site, Share and How to Get More Website Traffic

Local Directories and other traffic sources. Blogging content marketing. Paid traffic. 

Next Step

Email Address

Testing and Improving

Back it Up

Next Steps

Check List

Tips & Tricks

Setting Goals & Measuring Success

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